I am not young enough to know everything.

Oscar Wilde

I have a long professional career within the textile industry. I have been employed at different companies as Inditex and Mango (two of the major textile companies in the world) and in addition I had my own company.

Sonia Prada textile consulting. About me.Since I have worked in this sector for over 20 years and knowing which can be the different problems of the textile companies, I can adapt to the companies needs and their products and with my contributions you will obtain a new vision of the possibilities of your brand.

My methodology is a sum of all; knowledge that I have been acquiring across my professional life. It is very versatile and I have confirmed this as I adapt my knowledge according to the needs and the aims of clients.

“It is very important to have this point of view which can help us observe what we cannot see in our day after day.” Andrea Arenas, After Six.

You will not assume any risk hiring my company. It is an investment in training for your structure and model of business.

12 years ago, I built my own company, a SME which consisted in designing, producing, importing and distributing. I managed to export my collections to Italy, UK, Lithuania, Andorra and Mexico. At the same time in 2008, I was employed on a consultancy project at the World Bank in India. My company was producing 100% of its product in India and therefore, during these years, I acquired knowledge of the country: methodologies, products, production areas (variables according to the type of product) and during this consultancy we were demanding this knowledge from themselves among other things.

I belonged to a team of experts that worked for Sewa, a women’s cooperative of the north of India. These women embroided marvels by hand, besides from harvesting the fields and taking care of their children. It was a wealth-producing experience from all points of view and it could take up to hours to speak about them, but what really got my attention was how well I was accepted and the understanding of the design process that I had specially established for this company. I enjoyed it all around.

For this reason, when I decided to conclude my relation with which had been my company and supported by my collaborator and great textile expert Pitusa Bolaño (Bglobalspain, S.L.), I understood that I wanted to project my future in sharing all my experience in the sector with different companies – and therefore with all the people within it.

I’m definitely enjoy teaching Design to teams and demonstrating how to give more attention to a process that they have already established. Their product can improve substantially.

With my collaboration you will be able to improve and structure your processes, therefore cheapening costs that can reverberate in an improvement of the product and/or of the price which is your aim.


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