I work with start-ups textiles that need guidance to start a new project in textiles.

You have an idea or product brand and think…

• Do you need to hire a design team?
• You do not know where to start to structure your ideas and start selling your brand?
• You want to create a new brand concept?
• Have you already created your collection but you need an external point of view professional?
• Know what will be the type of product but do not know where to produce?
• Need to organize / structure your production goals?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place!
I design my consulting tailored to each customer and always with the intention to help implement and take action. My methods are based on knowledge of the textile and are designed to give results.

How are my consulting?

One of my goals is to help you to carry out your ideas. Why? Because I understand that if you want to advance and you don’t know textiles, my consultants can help you take off more safely in your project.

Working together you can get some of the following benefits:
We will design your collection: after an intense brainstorming and necessary sketches and ideas will adapt to your ideal client, to get the results that your brand needs.
We will seek the production system that suits your company considering the product, costs and your values. Looking for the system / suitable place for your collection that sees the light.
We will analyze your collection: I’ll help you answer doubts and will bring to your collection point of view of a professional career of more than 25 years in the industry.

How will we do it?

We will conduct presential or virtual meetings, in which we will evaluate your goals. I will study and will value step by step your needs, to find in me and my team the support that you need to start your project with the highest process safety.
If you also need more support in patterns, quality, marketing, window dressing, photography, merchandising, etc., I have a wide portfolio of professional expert collaborators who will be happy to accompany you in your growth.

How does it work?

To work together fill  the application form of free diagnostic session to find at the bottom of this page.

When your application is reviewed and accepted I will contact you to schedule our free diagnostic session.

The objective of this session is:
1. Know what is the actual situation of your company.
2. Define what are your main goals.
3. Identify the challenges and obstacles that stand in your way to achieve those objectives.
4. Determine if my services are compatible with your company and your goals.


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