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The way of working of Sonia always has impressed me. She catches immediately the needs of the client, contributes with creativity and with the design that the collection and the brand needs, but it is with her work method and her global company vision what does of her a “special designer”.

Her collections follow the fashion trends, but evidently they are conceived in order to contribute to the company benefits as for combination of fabrics, forms and patterns… and even choosing suppliers, if the client would require it.

I know Sonia Prada since 2005, and he collaborates with BglobalSpain as an Expert Senior in Design and Fashion in improvement projects of textile PIME financed by the
public sector and of multilateral financing.

Pitusa Bolaño


CEDIAL testimonios Sonia Prada, consultoría textil.

I know Sonia Prada since 2009, we have worked together to improve the sector of competitiveness for children fashion in Paraguay, through a development program of the European Commission – Al-Invest IV – executed by Cedial.

First, I would like to permit myself to make a brief temperance of her quality and warmth as a human being. Sonia is a sensitive, noble, solidary and honest person, of a competence for work and extraordinary responsibility, extremely compromised with the achievement of the objectives.

She worked under my coordination and I can verify her aptitude, responsibility and competence. Cedial has contracted her as a Design Consultant. Under her direction we have developed a brand and collection of articles for children, with very good acceptance of the national and international public.

Therefore, for the above mentioned and based on my experience, I can guarantee that she will develop a successful work and will fulfill the aims wherever she has to be.

Victoria Valdez



Sonia Prada has collaborated effectively in the start up of my company ANALOGÍAS S.L. and it has allowed me to estimate her great competence in everything which refers to the textile and fashion world, as well as her honesty and punctuality.

Hasmik Danielyan
General Manager · Analogías, S.L.

Pau Bruguera

Pau Bruguera

We worked together during a couple of years; Sonia is a professional with great knowledge in textiles.

In my opinion, she is capable of developing any collection project successfully. She obtains good relations with the team and always is ready to assume challenges.

Pau Bruguera
Creative director and business manager

Eco Friends

eco friends

I have worked with Sonia for over 6 years. Work for her is never difficult, it is always a challenge. She is quick, sincere, honest and tireless.

She surrounds herself with force and dignity, laughs without fear towards the future and it is always a pleasure to cooperate with her in any project.

Ajay Kumar

After Six

after six

The first contact that I had with Sonia was when she gave a Design course in Asuncion to which I went along with the product team of the Paraguayan brand After Six. At this moment the brand was in an expansion process at a local level and seeking to expand also at a regional level; on which it was considered convenient to have her advising.

As Product Manager of the brand, I was inside the company and who worked more closely with her and therefore I had the opportunity to learn very much. The whole knowledge and experience that Sonia shared so openly with me and with other members of the
equipment made us have a different vision from things: “we changed the chip”. The project was becoming increasingly challenging, with many opportunities ahead but simultaneously with major requirements towards us. The introduction of a new work methodology in the Design department affected also other areas of the company as on finances, product development, production, quality control and sales, which had to adapt
to new requirements.

I appreciate very much the professionalism and Sonia’s integrity, her aptitude to reinvent her work and to reinvent herself, this constant search of something more, of something better not only for her but also for those who are around her.

Andrea Arenas


AICP logo

I know Sonia since 2010. She was employed with us in a beautiful project to develop children’s articles collection for export, where there were 5 companies in the sector.  As a coordinator of the REDIEX‘s project, I felt very satisfied with her work where we learned and thought about the coherent development of collections within the market and with a suitable commercial point of view.

When the project was finished, showed the articles in FIMI. It was a very praised collection and with her, for the first time there was an approach to the European market.

I know her work, she is talented, dedicated and is very honest person. From my new position in the AICP, I am looking for the way that she could return to work with us.

I know that it would contribute with an added value to our industry and the difference that requires the fashion industry for its sustainability.

Adriana Chaparro
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