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STUDIO15textile is a Barcelona-based textile and fashion design studio specializing in fashion planning and strategy, collection design, product and pattern design.

We are a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the textile sector and we have collaborated with prestigious brands in the sector both nationally and internationally.

We work with textile companies that need to improve their product department, seeking support or new ideas in the department of design and/or digital pattern and marker.

The Team


Sonia Prada

I will be your contact throughout the process to get the best results.



From design, she will carry out the developments and the technical sheets with rigour adapting to your product objectives.


Pilar Reboredo

Ask for a pattern and she will solve from the base to the digital mark if you need it.


You have a textile company and…

Need to create a new design concept?
Are your collections good but do you need help creating new product lines to grow and expand?
Want to sell more and need to expand in design without hiring new staff?


  • Brand strategy consultation:
    We engage in the process as if your brand was our brand and we were part of your in-house team.
  • Product design strategy:
    Together with your team, we will design a product strategy to design the action plan and define the products you need.


  • Analysis of forecast trends:
    We have connections with the major platforms of trends such as WGSN and Pantone Textile. And with the information on new trends, we can offer you a fresh vision for your new developments.
  • Proposal of materials:
    We will propose you fabrics, details, complements and if you need, personalized stamping.
  • Design and development of collections:
    From the beginning and after the creation of the mood boards, we will present our vision of the products until you are satisfied and give way to start with the development of the technical sheets.
  • Technical sheets:
    We can provide you with full specifications because we know your suppliers need clear specifications. These cards can be in Spanish, English or French according to your needs so you can distribute your production wherever you need.


To achieve a good production a good pattern is essential. Our team is prepared to work on it and once approved, perform the grading in the sizes you need and the most accurate marking.

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