I Work with textile companies that need to improve their product department because they are willing to grow and to export.

You have a textile company and think that…

• You need to restructure your Design team?
• Do you think that your collections are good but not sufficiently good as to grow and to expand?
• You want to sell more but you feel that your organization is not prepared?
• You are proud of your company but you want to grow more?
• You need to export to increase your sales and for it you know that your collections should improve?
• You have production problems or need more product?
• You would like to contribute with more products to your collections and you do not know how or yes, you know how but you do not find the time to begin because day after day one swallows all your initiatives in this field?

If you have answered yes to some of these questions, you are in the correct site!
I design personalized consultancies for each client and always intending to help yourself and to take action.
My methods are based on the textile knowledge and are designed to give results.

How are my consulting?

One of my goals is to improve the efficiency of your design department. Why? Because if your design department works with an agile methodology, you can make as many collections as you need and, therefore, you can increase your sales.

Working together you can get some of the following benefits:

The capacity of technical and administrative management will be optimized: We will establish a calendar from the beginning of the collection until production and will organize the system, in order that you visualize the collection before its arrival to the shops or to the representatives.

Advising in fashion trends and product: Trends, Letter of colors / seasons, Story board/season, new products and the steps that you and your company need to achieve for your objective.

Advising in trading: I will help you to obtain new suppliers and how to support an ideal commercial relation with them. I will accompany you from the beginning (if still you have not begun) until we have the established circuit.

How will we do it?

I will go to your company to know and to analyze your product as well as your organization. I will study and evaluate the work processes elaborating a report. I will bring forward a number of changes in your processes, design an improvement plan and also a timing proposal. I will do the follow-up of these changes and you will have my support in the needs of your Product department.

If in addition you need more support on pattern design, quality, marketing, window dressing, photography, merchandising, etc., I rely on a wide portfolio of expert professional collaborators that will be delighted in accompanying in your growth.

How does it work?

To work together you must fill the request form for a free diagnosis session that you will find at the end of this page.

When your request is checked and accepted, I will personally contact you to programme the diagnosis session.

The objective of this session is:

1. Know which is the current situation of your company.
2. Define which are your principal aims.
3. Identify the challenges and obstacles that intervene in your way to reach the above mentioned aims.
4. Determine if my services are compatible with your company and your aims.


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